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Review: Cloudlifter - CL-1
- New Dec March 2020

For some time when recording into USB Interfaces with Digital Audio Workstation Software I have been having the issues with low volume when recording with dynamic microphones. more.....

Visit Review: Songbirds Guitar Museum

Whilst on a tour of the Deep South Gear Review took a slight detour to Chatanooga to visit the Song Birds Guitar Museum.......,more

Review: Epiphone Flying V

First released in 1958 as part of the modernist series, which included the Flying V, Explorer, and Moderne (Never Released), the Flying V was a radical design introduced by Gibson to compete with the other solid bodied guitars that were gaining popularity at the time.....more

Review: Gibson Firebird 2017 T

If you are looking for a left-field, different and perhaps even slightly ever strange offering for an electric guitar, look no further than the Gibson Firebird. Designed by the legendary car designer Ray Dietrich, the look is based on the extravagant tail finned and chromed American made cars of the 1950s.....more

Review: Gibson Les Paul Less+

I recently bought a new old stock 2015 Les Paul Less+ and although this model has been around for a few years now I felt that as it is really not very well known I thought I would share my impressions of this guitar....more

Review: Squier
Strat FSR.

We haven’t reviewed a low cost guitar for a while (A Squier 51 was the last I think), so when I purchased this “bling” axe for my 10 year old daughter recently I thought I would do a little write up on it for the site to aid any potential future buyers....more

Review: Dusenberg Starplayer
Mike Campbell

Nowadays most guitars manufacturers conform to a formula of tried and tested methods, or perhaps deviate slightly from it within their model range. more.....

Review: Marcus Miller Live

As our regular readers will know this is not the first time the Gear-Review team have visited el Porton del Jazz. Having hosted greats in previous edition such as Spyra Gyra, Victor Bailey, Robert Cray, Victor Wooten, and this year’s headliner Marcus Miller.....more

Review: An Evening With Toto

Toto is a band which currently has (and has had in its past) within its ranks some of the top musicians ever to play together in a musical formation.   Formed in 1977 by the best session musicians in Los Angeles at the time, the band has had a long and successful career with several top 40 hits such as “Hold the Line”, “Rosanna” and “Africa”, whilst also holding six Grammies to their name....more

Review: Custom Made Pickguards
Sponsored By WD Music

Something that most guitars, basses or other stringed instruments all have is a pickguard. With time and use these can deteriorate, get marked or one might simply want to change the look of one’s instrument. ....more


Review: Fender Rumble 100
- New March 2020
Amplifiers in general have come a long way in recent years thanks to advances in electronics and magnet technology. With this in mind, we reviewed Fenders revamped Rumble 100 bass amplifier.

Review: Sterling Luke

Sterling Guitars (named after Music Man’s CEO Sterling Ball) is the import division of Music Man Guitars which sells its own mid-level versions of the models Music Man produces in the USA......more

Review: Boss Waza Craft Pedals
New Jan 2019

Boss formed in 1976 as a subsidiary of the Roland Corporation, and has been producing pedals and other musical accessories for several decades now. ....more

Review: Peterson Strobo HD tuner

Peterson have long been producing well-made and accurate tuners for many years and the new StroboClip HD (SC-HD) is no exception.

Following on from the design of the original Stroboclip this one is housed within a sleek black housing with rounded edges.....more

Concert: Joe Bonnamassa

Hailed as one of the hardest working musicians in the current music scene, Joe Bonamassa has come to light as one of the best contemporary Bluesmen of his era. Playing guitar since an early age and mentored by many greats he has risen to a status reserved for the likes of his predecessors such as BB King, Gary Moore and many other guitar legends. .....more

Review: Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Amp.

An evolution from the original Blues Deluxe the Hot Rod Deluxe (HRDX) packs a 40 watt powerhouse into a small footprint 1 x 12 combo that is ready to gig anywhere from small pubs to large stages.....more

Review: IK iRig Acoustic
Sponsored By IK Multimedia

Following on from the well-known iRig for electric guitar mobile technology giant IK Multimedia now moves on to the acoustic realm to provide an industry first. The iRig Acoustic is a portable solution to mike up, process and record any stringed acoustic instrument with many advantages. more....

Review: Music Man
Dark Lord
The Music Man Steve Morse Dark Lord is quite a unique guitar. (Steve as most of us will know is Deep Purple's long time guitarist.) This particular model evolved from the Steve Morse Y2D model, which itself in turn was an evolution from the original Steve Morse model. .....more

Review: Music Man
Luke 3 PDN
The Music Man brand is mostly known for its now legendary Stingray bass and line of amplifiers. Originating from an earlier company named Tri-Sonix, it was founded by Forrest White (Ex-Fender) and Tom Walker, and headed by Leo Fender himself after his sale of Fender to CBS.....more

Review: Kluson Locking Tuners with 19:1 Ratio -
Sponsored By WD Music
One of the single most important things that can be upgraded on any guitar is its tuners. A good set of tuners provides easy restringing, and tuning stability. With this in mine we set out to replace the tuners on a Fender Stratocaster 50thAnniversary Deluxe.....more

Review: Korg Kross 2
- New March 2020

I’ve always been fond of Korgs synths ever since I got my original Trinity in 1997 it was (and still is) a great synth and with its touch screen interface and media connections was way ahead of its time ... more....

Review: Dingwall ABZ4/3

First off I must say, that although in my mid-forties I am really an old school bass player.

I normally play a Fender Jazz or Precision bass, .........more

Review: Fender Std
Telecaster -

Within the Fender guitar range, the Standard series has now been officially retired and given way to the Player series.

The Standard range was built in Fenders Mexican factory at Ensenada not far from the US border, and is based on the classic Telecaster design but with modern cotemporary features.....more

Review: Ratio Graph Tech Tuners

Instrument tuners have been around a lot longer than the guitar itself, originally crude pegs on the first Spanish guitar models, these later evolved to a worm gear style for easier tuning and better stability.

The Ratio tuners however address an issue which has never been dealt with on regular tuners....more

Concert : Incognito @ El Porton Del Jazz.

This is the second time we review a live show by Incognito, and I must say they never disappoint.

Formed by Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick in 1979 and with an ever changing line-up the band has consistently published excellent material within their acid-jazz funk scene.....more.

Review: Ibanez TS9
Check any guitarists pedal board and you are most likely to find a variation of the famous Ibanez Tubescreamer or similar a version/clone from another brand...more

Review: MXR
Micro Amp
The MXR micro amp has been a standard on many a musicians pedal board for many years...more

Review: Fender Jimmy Stafford Ukulele
The new Jimmy Stafford model is essentially the same as its original Nohea stablemate aside from the different gloss black transparent finish, however the Gear-Review team found it important to comment on its extra unique feature – The Fishman Sonitone pickup & pre-amp........more

Fito & Fitipaldis - Concert Review
Most of the Demographic that visit this site are from English speaking countries, so they will be quite confused as to why I am reviewing a concert in Spain by a Spanish language band. ....more

Review: Fender Stratocaster
Artist Series Eric Johnson RW
Introduced as a companion to its maple necked cousin, this rosewood fingerboard equipped Eric Johnson Artist Series Stratocaster brings to play a myriad of features, painstakingly design by Eric himself through experimentation and live use......more

Review: Fender Jazzmaster '65 Vintage Series
Introduced in 1958 as an intended successor to the Stratocaster, the Jazzmaster was launched as their range topping instrument at the time. The new offset shape (shared with the Jazz Bass) was together, with a mellower tone than its ......more

Review: Seymour Duncan Silver Lake
Sponsored By
Seymour Duncan

Well known for their pickups, Seymour Duncan also produce a range of high end pedals for the discerning musician......more.

Review: Taylor E110
- New !

This is the first review of an acoustic guitar we have ever had on this site as most of our reviews tend to focus on electric instruments. This entry level Taylor was purchased recently to replace an Epiphone Ej200 Jumbo as an upgrade in playability and also so my young daughter could use it as she found the jumbo too cumbersome......more

Concert: Jamiroquai
in Madrid

The first concert review ever published on this site in 2002 was … Jamiroquai Live in Granada Spain. Fast forward fifteen years and in the present day we head to Madrid to see Jay Kay and his band on their current “Automaton” tour.......more

Review: Fender Bassbreaker 18/30

The recently launched Bassbreaker series is a new line of amplifiers by Fender that are out of the sparkly clean tone zone usually associated with Fender amplifiers......more


Review: Setting Up a Mini Studio

A good interface is the heart and soul of any home recording studio and the Tascam US16x08 promises to be just that. I previously had a Tascam US600 (And a Tascam 144 cassette 4-track 20 odd years ago) and more......

IK Multimedia iRig 2
Sponsored By IK Multimedia

For some time now, Gear-Review has been following the array of products been produced by IK Multimedia for IOS/Android.  

The iRig 2 has recently been released by IK Multimedia, and improves on the well baked and successful recipe set on the musical menu by its predecessor the original 2010 iRig which has deemed to be very popular with mobile guitarists.....more

A Tale of Two Les Pauls

This isn’t the first (or the last) article on this site to feature a Gibson Les Paul, in fact we have reviewed several models in the past such as the Classic, Studio+ or Double Cut.  Things however change with time and we thought we would check out these two 2013 model Les Paul Studios.....more.

IK Multimedia - The Mobile Musician Part II
Sponsored By IK Multimedia

As those of you who follow this site will know we have recently been looking several different products aimed at IOS devices.

However two things which are quite essential and required during live performances have not been addressed: Amplification and Sound Switching....more

Review: Mooer Micro Pedals & Pedalboard
Sponsored by Mooer
(UK Importer Dealer Strings & Things Ltd)

For many years stomp boxes have come in many shapes and sizes but most seem to conform to the standard format and size set by mainstream manufacturers......more


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