Cloud Lifter CL-1 – Quick Review

For some time when recording into USB Interfaces with Digital Audio Workstation Software I have been having the issues with low volume when recording with dynamic microphones. This is especially true when recording guitar tracks with a Shure Sm-57 or Sennheiser E609.

A good friend (Thanks Winston) recently got me onto this device called the Cloud Lifter Mic Activator. Quite simply it boosts the signal coming from your Dynamic Microphone using phantom power from your interface and adds up to 25db of transparent gain to your audio signal.

It couldn’t have come at a better time, I was recording several quiet passages involving two electric guitars and simply plugging in the microphone into my interface was just giving a signal that was too weak and unusable. I tried going through a mixer prior to going into the interface and giving the signal a bit more gain, but this was noisy and part of the original tone was lost.

In comes the Cloud Lifter. Simply plug the XLR from the interface into it and then from the microphone, into the device (Sm57 in this case) turn on your phantom power and instantly clear and loud guitar tones come into my headphones.

The difference was astounding, the tone sounded closer to what I was hearing from my amp and nuances were clearer.

The device has now become a fixed feature in my studio when recording with dynamic microphones.


Definitely a great addition to any home studio.


By Ernest H. Slade