Ibanez Ts-9 Tubescreamer Review 18/12/2015

Check any guitarists pedal board and you are most likely to find a variation of the famous Ibanez Tubescreamer or similar a version/clone from another brand. A staple diet for many guitarists to include greats such as Stevie Ray Vaughn, this pedal must be together with the Boss DS1 one of the biggest sellers of all time.

The main selling point for the pedal is its organic sound which is achieved by mixing the original dry sound with the effected wet sound in order to retain the original sounds complexities and qualities.

Working best in front of a valve amplifier the pedal can be used to emulate the sound of an over driven valve amp without taking the amplifier to extreme volumes.

Controls are simple and self explanatory, Drive, Tone & Level, complemented by the usual input and output jacks plus a 9 volt connection socket should you wish to power the pedal from a transformer.

Other than the above the TS-9 uses FET Bypass (Buffered) instead of the true bypass found on most high end pedals, but to be honest this should not be an issue, in fact sometimes a buffered pedal helps boost the signal on a pedal board with many connections or where a long cable to the guitar is used.

Tested with a Fender Blues Junior valve amplifier the pedal sounds warm and organic, with the true tone of the guitar chiming through, it makes a great companion to those playing blues, country, classic rock and in fact anything except all out metal.

By Ernest H Slade