Korg Kross 2 - Practical Review – 25-03-2020

I’ve always been fond of Korgs synths ever since I got my original Trinity in 1997 it was (and still is) a great synth and with its touch screen interface and media connections was way ahead of its time. My band back then also owned 2 x N364s and later in life I also acquired a Micro Korg XL which I use for the Vocoder and as my main midi keyboard for sequencing purposes.

I have named this article a “Practical Review” because to be honest this keyboard has been reviewed sufficiently online, specifications posted etc… so I will focus on the practicality its use in the studio and for live applications.


The reason for the purchase of the keyboard was simple I needed a keyboard for studio use and for live gigs than didn’t break the bank or my back for that matter. The Kross 2 unbelievably only weighs 3.8kgs (8.38 lbs) this together with its optional back pack like carry case make it an excellent instrument to carry to those walk to gigs, school events, teaching or any other event where carting a huge heavy synth in a road case is not an option.


The only problem however with this lack of weight is that that the keyboard is very light, and moves around on a normal X type stand, although I have recently noted that there some stands with clips available to hold lightweight synths like the Kross, this will need investigation.


The Korg itself is a great piece of kit and is laden with features and connections all of which you can read with the link at the end of the article. For practical use I have arranged a set of basic sounds such as Piano, Electric Piano, Strings, Brass and a Solo Synth for Leads in its user bank for quick access via its rotary selector. To be honest I would have preferred to also have the traditional number pad to select sounds directly but this is not so (maybe I am a bit old fashioned in that sense)

The key bed as well I find quite light for a synth of this price, I was not expecting the graded hammer action of an 88 key digital piano, but the feel does seem more akin to home keyboards rather than a professional synth.


In summary the Kross 2 works well as a light weight portable go anywhere synth with hundreds of sounds and many features but if you want a sturdy roadworthy keyboard with a great feel this may not be the one.


By Ernest H. Slade