Boss Waza Craft Pedals Review. 29/01/2019


Boss formed in 1976 as a subsidiary of the Roland Corporation, and has been producing pedals and other musical accessories for several decades now. They have a strong reputation for affordable equipment which is built to high standard and can provide musicians both amateur and professional with a wide array of sounds.

In my own experience I have a Heavy Metal 2 since the mid-eighties, a friend of mine also has an early eighties chorus pedal and both are still going strong after many years of use and abuse.

In this review we are going to be looking at the newer Waza range of Boss Pedals, which are in effect the top of the range offerings from the Boss custom shop.

Super Over Drive SD-1w

Based on the original SD1, the Waza Craft version has been re-engineered for added tonal range. In S mode you get the standard SD1 sound however switch to C and this engages the custom Waza circuit. This voices the SD-1w with added bass, more gain and a richer sound. I have tested this pedal with an Epiphone Flying V, Gibson SG and Fender Telecaster with great results both live and in the studio. The pedal also seems quieter than the standard issue SD1

Delay DM-1 w

The DM-1w is a reissue of the original DM-1 with added features. For starters the output is stereo instead of mono. Engage the C Custom modes and this doubles the 400ms to 800ms with the repeats having added warmth and brightness. Also one can add an expression pedal for on the spot delay time control. To my ears the DM-1w sounds like the delay pedal sound I have in my head. Its subtle yet noticeable, and with the long delay time is quite versatile. Its perfectly at home with any type of guitar as well.

Chorus CE-2w

Launched in 1976 the Boss CE-2 marked the entrance for Boss into the effects pedal market. The Waza Craft edition takes this iconic pedal and further develops the theme adding stereo outputs and extra depth to its sound. This pedal is made in Japan same as the original to commemorate its 40th Anniversary. A guitarist friend of mine has both the Waza and the original CE-2 we tested side by they sound identical.

Below is his review


The special edition Waza Craft CE-2 chorus pedal delivers the ultimate BOSS tone experience. I myself personally own an original 1983 BOSS CE-2 which has seen many years of service on my pedalboard. I compared my original pedal with the new Waza CE-2 and can tell you that BOSS have nailed the sound and of the original device.

In standard mode provides a flawless reproduction of the legendary CE-2 sound from the 70's 80's that many seek. With its lush analogue sound reminiscent of a Roland JC-120, you can be sure that heads will turn mesmerized at how good your clean tone is.

CE-1 mode features chorus and vibrato, authentically reproducing the two stereo sound modes in the worlds first chorus pedal.

It also includes new sounds not available in the original pedals, including CE-2 stereo output and variable depth for CE-1 chorus sounds which is a great addition.

Rate and Depth knobs provide fine sound adjustment in both pedal modes

Premium all-analogue circuitry with bucket-brigade (BBD) delay line

The BOSS CE-2W is also the only pedal in the Waza range to have been built in Japan, celebrating the 40th anniversary of BOSS effects.

This pedal is definitely a keeper for all chorus pedal enthusiasts. If like myself you already own an original CE- 2 that you wish to retire for studio work after having seen many years of use, this new edition pedal will make an excellent replacement and addition to your pedalboard.

All in a great trio of pedals which should last for many years to come.

SD1-W and DM1-W Review by Ernest H Slade

CE-2W Review By Winston Fernandez.