IK Multimedia - iRig 2 Review. – 09/06/2015

For some time now, Gear-Review has been following the array of products been produced by IK Multimedia for IOS/Android.  

The iRig 2 has recently been released by IK Multimedia, and improves on the well baked and successful recipe set on the musical menu by its predecessor the original 2010 iRig which has deemed to be very popular with mobile guitarists.

The iRig 2 adds new ingredients to the mix to add flavour to the already most popular item on the IK menu, the iRig. These come in the form of a 1/4” jack for direct connection to amplifiers and professional audio equipment. No need to use small mini-jacks as a standard guitar cable will do.

Other features include and adjustable input gain which allows one to trim levels to suit different kinds of instruments. The iRig 2 also adds compatibility for the latest generation of Android devices which allows you to you use the iRig across your mobile devices independent of its operating system.

A useful “thru” switch is provided as well for direct output for further processing or tuning applications. Finally a handy Velcro strap allows the device to be strapped onto a microphone stand or guitar strap.

I tested the device using a Fender Telecaster (Single Coils) and a Washburn N4 (Humbuckers) into  a 15 watt Marshall combo). Under testing the iRig 2 performs well although I found it a bit noisy compared to the iRig HD we have reviewed previously. I also found it necessary to tame the treble EQ on the amplifier, otherwise it would sound a bit harsh . This aside it works very well, making all the sounds and effects available on Amplitube (and other audio applications) on your amplifier or headphones.

One thing I would add however is an auxiliary input, to allow connection of external sources such an mp3 player or laptop for silent late night practice. It is possible to play music from the Amplitube application itself but for example if you wanted to follow a YouTube tutorial like I was doing within the test it would be impossible.

The iRig 2 is out of the oven and smelling great, a useful addition to a guitarist mobile arsenal.

By Ernest H Slade

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