IK Multimedia iClip Acoustic. –Review

Following on from the well-known iRig for electric guitar mobile technology giant IK Multimedia now moves on to the acoustic realm to provide an industry first. The iRig Acoustic is a portable solution to mike up, process and record any stringed acoustic instrument with many advantages.

The pick shaped device clips on the rim of the sound hole of any acoustic instrument such a Steel String Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Ukulele, and so on. The clamp is made of soft non-marking rubber and is said to be safe for most instruments.

The package includes Amplitube Acoustic with tone modelling, and recording facilities. Also the device has a line out, to which an amplifier or headphones can be connected for convenient monitoring.

Once plugged in to your preferred IOS device you simply load up the Amplitube Acoustic application and you have amp modelling and control at your fingertips. As with other versions of the application a useful tuner, a handy recording section for your musical ideas, and a drum machine to jam along too are included.

I tried the device with a Fender Ukulele and also with an Epiphone Jumbo Steel string acoustic with good results. The device was hooked up to my iPad which in turn was outputting to a pair of amplified studio monitors at a reasonable volume. The sound was crisp and clear and I didn’t hear any artefacts due to the processing. I did feel a very slight lag though I wouldn’t think it be a major issue though. The built in feedback suppression seemed to do its job as well with no issues in that respect.

As for the Amplitube Acoustic application, this will be very familiar to those who already use other versions of Amplitube and easy to use for those who don’t. The free version can be downloaded at no cost, this is however quite limited as to features for serious use the full version includes various amplifier models, pedals, and effects.

So far I am impressed with this little device, especially as for a small monetary outlet you can convert any standard acoustic instrument into one capable of accepting signal processing, been recorded and more importantly that fact that it can be amplified through an acoustic amp or PA system.

I would however improve on three aspects of the design.

·         The device has a fixed width and seems a little tight on some instruments maybe a spring loaded mechanism would make it easier to fit onto a wider range of instruments.

·         A jack and socket mechanism would be better for the connection to the device than the captive cable, if the cable breaks the whole device will be rendered useless rather than replacing the cable.

·         A ¼” inch output would be preferred for output to standard professional audio equipment.

A great device which no doubt will become a standard in IK Multimedia’s line-up.

Demo Mp3 Song

By Ernest H Slade