Jamiroquai – 24th November Madrid. – Concert Review.

The first concert review ever published on this site in 2002 was … Jamiroquai Live in Granada Spain. Fast forward fifteen years and in the present day we head to Madrid to see Jay Kay and his band on their current “Automaton” tour.

Amidst health concerns for JKs back and a recent cancelled show due to laryngitis we flew to Madrid exited to see the band live after such a long absence from the stage.

Hot on the heels of their new album “Automaton” JK and his band started their tour in Paris earlier this year in March, passing through Tokyo and Seoul before heading back to Europe and covering many cities if different countries.

With this in mind we headed to the Wizink Centre, formerly a sports facility now turned concert venue for the concert starting at 8.00 p.m. with Deetron DJ and then the main act at 9.30pm.

Arriving at the already busy venue we made sure to purchase our tour t-shirts before the show and headed to our seats stage right. With British punctuality the show started at 9.30pm on the dot to the enthusiastic roar of the 15,000 plus crowd. A synth line started pumping through the speakers along with a projection with a series of high tech style images in line with the “Automaton” theme.

The first track was “Shake it On”, followed by the classic “Little L” which had the crowd dancing and clapping followed by the title track from the new album “Automaton”. This was followed by almost two hours of the bands greatest tracks, by no means complete but certainly highlighting their 25 year career span in the music business.

“Cloud 9” was preceded by a new lengthy introduction for the tour, with another track from the new album “Superfresh” being performed next.  

The crowd was also treated to a live rare performance of “Don’t Give Hate a Chance” which was their 3rd single from their sixth studio album “Dynamite” a personal favourite of mine.

More hits followed such as the original album version of “Emergency on Planet Earth”, “Canned Heat” straight into “Love Foolosophy”, and the classic “Virtual Insanity” reserved for the encore.

Gear wise, although I wasn’t particularly close to the stage I did notice that bass player Paul Tuner was using Aguilar head and cabs. His main bass was a 5 string white /white maple neck with block inserts J-Bass style which my bass player tells me is a “Stenback”. He also had a similar black model as a backup.

Guitarist Rob Harris was using a  Divided by 13 combo amp and a White PRS with a bound fingerboard he played mostly clean funky lines with the occasional use of wah and overdrive for solos. As to keyboards I did notice two vintage items a Sequential Circuits Prophet and a Fender Rhodes.

An incredible concert indeed.

By Ernest H Slade

Photo Credits: Live Nation (1st Three Close Ups)
Photo Credits: Jamiroquai Facebook Page – Eva Nilsen.