Kluson 19:1 Ratio Locking Tuners – Review
Sponsored by WD Music - 12/08/2014

One of the single most important things that can be upgraded on any guitar is its tuners. A good set of tuners provides easy restringing, and tuning stability. With this in mine we set out to replace the tuners on a Fender Stratocaster 50thAnniversary Deluxe.

The new set we are going to install are a genuine Kluson set in gold, same as the originals but with kidney shaped tuners instead of the hexagonal ones currently on the guitar.

Why are we upgrading? Well for two reasons. Firstly one of the original tuners locking mechanism is faulty, and secondly the new ones offer an improved 19:1 gear ration for quick string changes in all situations whether in the studio or on stage.

The installation process is quite simple as these tuners do not use screws but rather a nut and location pins. On my guitar it’s a like for like replacement so no drilling etc is required. On a guitar with regular tuners the locating pins will need to be prepared on the back of the headstock. This is left up to the customer although WD Music did mention that they are looking to include a template with the product to make this process easier.


Firstly remove the back plate (if you have one) and remove the strings. Then loosen the tuner top side nut with a 10mm spanner. Remove one tuner at a side and set these aside.

Set in the new tuners again one at a time, line them up with the locating pins and then tighten the top nut. Be very careful not to over tighten the nuts as this could cause the head to spilt.

If you’re the relic well used worn look type restring, if like me you prefer a new shiny guitar give the headstock a quick wipe and then restring.

In Practice.

Once installed, a restring is definitely easier and faster than with the previous tuners thanks the improved ratio, they feel tighter as well and strings are quicker to wind on, which would be especially useful at live performances if breaking a string.

The install process was easy and most guitarists who can change their own strings and feel confident wielding a 10mm spanner can tackle this upgrade.


A worthwhile upgrade for any instrument.

By Ernest H Slade

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