Seymour Duncan – Silver Lake Reverb Pedal – Review


Well known for their pickups, Seymour Duncan also produce a range of high end pedals for the discerning musician. In this review we are looking at the Silver Lake Reverb Pedal which has the main feature of been able to it’s adapt to the player’s dynamics.

Practically a rack-mount unit in a pedal format, the Silver Lake has 8 distinct Reverb types, with familiar ones such as Room, Hall, Plate & Spring joined by Shimmer, Gated Reverb and Delayed Reverb.

Connections include stereo in and out to allow for wide stereo imaging. Also present is MIDI in and out for external control.

Preset banks allow for the different sound variations to be stored and recalled on command for ease of use during performance.

Dynamic settings can be adjusted to off, soft or hard to allow the player to either switch the feature off or tie it down to their playing preference.

Useful for?

There are many types of players who might want a Reverb pedal. The most obvious one would be a player who has an amp with no built in Reverb. In this case the Silver Lake would allow the addition of a quality Reverb via the pedal either in front of the amp or in the effects loop. On the other end of the spectrum would be someone looking to add new ambient and sonic tones to their arsenal. In this scenario the Silver Lake would be used to its full potential.

Build Quality

Housed in a sturdy metal box, with good quality switchgear the pedal should withstand the rigours of studio and live use.

Types of Sounds

Sounds on the Silver Lake range from short spring or plate reverb types to luscious and atmospheric types. I usually prefer subtle reverb types similar to what you would find on a valve amplifier, I am sure however that many users will be able to make good and creative uses of the different reverb variations and extended lengths on offer.

The dynamics setting I found very useful which allow the characteristics of the effect to change with your picking attack.

Please check the video demo for examples of the sounds available.


A well-built and versatile reverb pedal.


Inputs: 2 x 1/4"

Outputs: 2 x 1/4"

MIDI I/O: In/Thru

USB: 1 x Micro-B

Features: 128 Onboard Presets

Reverb Types: 8

Power Source: 9-18V DC power supply required (sold separately)

By Ernest H Slade