Peterson StroboClip HD Review 15-12-17

Peterson have long been producing well-made and accurate tuners for many years and the new StroboClip HD (SC-HD) is no exception.

Following on from the design of the original Stroboclip this one is housed within a sleek black housing with rounded edges. The high contrast display has black graphics with a light orange background to make it easy to see in most scenarios.

Technically the SC-HD has the same 0.1% accuracy as all other Peterson Strobe Tuners. Around 50 Sweetened tunings are offered to improve the sound of your favourite guitar, bass, ukulele or many other stringed instruments. Drop Tuning and Capo Settings are also available. For those unfamiliar with the product Sweetened tunings are tuning offsets that make your instruments sound more in tune with themselves.

The soft rubber clamps firmly onto your instruments headstock which Peterson say will not damage the finish. I certainly have had no issues with the SC-HD or its predecessor although I only leave the tuner on the headstock whilst tuning especially on nitro cellulose based instruments.

I tried the SC-HD on various instruments to include several electric guitars, a ukulele and 4 and 5 string basses and no problems where encountered, accurate tuning was achieved and the display was easy to read.

By Ernest H Slade