Famous Players with Cool Guitars
Green Day
from their new video "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"
Billie Joe Armstrong
Plays a TV Yellow
Double Cut Les Paul Junior
Close - Up
Mike Dirnt's
Precision Bass with his Signature Fender Precision Bass


on Letterman
The Edge with a Bigsby Equipped Tele
Adam Claytonwith a Jazz Bass
Lou Reed
Playing a Danny Gatton Telecaster in "The.Blues - The.Soul.of.a.Man Episode 2"

Maroon 5
Guitarist James Valentine Sports a Cool Telecaster Deluxe the their latest video "This Love"
And a Gibson, ES 346 Paul Jackson, Jr.
in the "Harder to Breathe" Video (Thanks Kyle!)
John Frusciante
from RHCP plays a cool silver Strat and a Toronado in their latest video "Can't Stop".
Source: RHCP Video
Cool Silver Strat
An Orange Toronado ?
Yep it is !
This is the second video a Toronado gets into The 1st was The Callings "Wherever you will go" Maybe a Red Hot Chilli Toronado will emerge ?
Liam Lynch
plays a Toronado in his new video "United States of Whatever"
- Thanks to Georg Lang from Germany for the Sighting !
Just Weird
"The Edge" playing a Fender Jaguar in U2's video "Electrical Storm" quite unusual for a guy who normally plays Gibsons. Source: U2.com Video Clip

This is the opposite ! Richie Sambora from Bon Jovi a long time Fender man who even has his own signature model playing a Flying V. Source: Bon Jovi Video Clip "Everyday"

Feeder's Firebird o Jazzmaster - New !
Strange E.L.O Bass,
Later Confirmed to be an
Ovation Magnum Bass - New !

Girls who Rock !






Shirley Manson
from Garbage playing various Fenders. Source: The Net

Playing Fender Mustangs.
Shakira Shows us her Guitar... errr Piano...

Emma Anderson of Lush and her Telecaster Thinline. Thanks to Rob Wagner.

Strange Colours

Fine Young Cannibals
Playing their Pink Fenders in their hit video "She Drives Me Crazy"
Close Up: Fender Mustang

Source: FYC Video "She Drives Me Crazy"